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About ideas that stick

1 minute read

A while ago, some business man from the US who travels a lot throughout the US as part of his job, was sitting in his airline's business lounge for a drink. Right after finishing his 2nd, an attractive women approached him and offered him a drink in exchange for somebody to talk to. Somewhere hal...

January 2, 2013

The all new coding guidelines for C# 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 have been published!

4 minute read

After 50000 downloads and the recent final release of Visual Studio 2012 / C# 5.0 it was about time to do a thorough update of the C# Coding Guidelines. Although most of the guidelines have been preserved, I’ve tried to rewrite several of them using a less formal and less verbose writing style. I...

November 26, 2012

Looking back at Build 2012

2 minute read

A question which was asked many times during the week was whether or not this trip to Build 2012 in Redmond was worth the time and money. Even after four days of raw content, there is no short answer here. As Dennis Vroegop clearly illustrated, the organization was definitely not up to the task...

November 5, 2012

Build Day 4: WP8, Line-of-Business, Web Essentials and lots of laughs

3 minute read

Here we are at the fourth and last day of Microsoft Build 2012. That so many people showed up at the first session is quite surprising considering the attendee party that went on until midnight in downtown Seattle. It was a typical attendee party; free food and drinks and live music. Since being ...

November 4, 2012

Build Day 3: ASP.NET MVC, TypeScript, SignalR and Node.Js

2 minute read

So at this 3rd day here at Microsoft Build 2012, I'm actually getting lucky. Three great sessions in a row is obviously not something I've seen before. Hey, maybe I'll get to see four great sessions tomorrow. Anyway, with some of the technical debt from last night's Beerfest and a Halloween party...

November 2, 2012

Build Day 2: Azure, JavaScript and even more XAML and Windows Phone

3 minute read

Because day 2 of the Build conference wasn't any different, it seems that I must learn to accept that a maximum of two good sessions per day is going to be the standard. Fortunately the keynote was top notch with both Scott Hanselman and Scott Guthrie taking stage. They showed some of the power t...

November 1, 2012