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Hoe de IT markt het jonge talent te veel heeft verwend

4 minute read

Het was januari 1997. Ik was net afgestudeerd van de HTS Electrotechniek. Trots als een pauw op mijn ingenieurstitel én die dikke 9 voor mijn afstudeeropdracht bij - toen nog - Philips Semiconductors, ging ik op zoek naar een job. Maar dat viel nog niet mee. Philips had een aannamestop en van rec...

September 13, 2018

Event Sourcing in .NET - Dealing with projection exceptions

4 minute read

Transient vs non-transient exceptions If I have to name the single biggest flaw in adopting Event Sourcing, it must be our decision to rely on the synchronous dispatching pipeline of NEventStore. It is based on the idea that every event will be processed by all projectors in a synchronous manner....

July 25, 2018

Event Sourcing in .NET - Using an OR/M as a projection library

8 minute read

I thought we didn’t need OR/Ms anymore? A common advantage of adopting Event Sourcing is that it solves the impedance mismatch between object oriented code and the relation database model. And because of that, Object/Relational Mappers (OR/Ms) have become obsolete. While I agree with the first st...

July 15, 2018

Event Sourcing in .NET - Building fast autonomous projections

14 minute read

The characteristics of a great projection implementation Over the course of the last two years I’ve written numerous articles on the good, the bad and the ugly of Event Sourcing as well as on our experiences building and maintaining a distributed enterprise-class based on this increasingly popula...

May 18, 2018

Don’t blame the dependency injection framework

12 minute read

Over the last couple of months I’ve heard and read quite a few statements that say that Dependency Injection frameworks are bad things that you should avoid like the plague. In my opinion that’s just a result of rejecting something because it has been misused too long. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve be...

May 2, 2018