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Should architecture be constrained by reality?

4 minute read

Should architects make decisions with the constraints of available capacity in mind? Or should they strive to ignore the reality and pursue only the best solutions?

April 28, 2019

9 tips to get your distributed teams to collaborate effectively

9 minute read

I’ve seen a lot of prior attempts to out-source work to remote teams fail, have always wondered what was the main reason for this. Is it a culture thing? Is it the time difference. In this post, I describe the things we do ourselves that have made our remote team endeavors pretty successful for t...

March 4, 2019

A surprisingly accurate model to improve your communication skills

7 minute read

It may be coincidence, but the two best tutorials I attended at Agile DevOps East both ran on the same day. The first one focused mostly on agile transformation, but briefly touched on the leadership topic. This one, let by Jennifer Bonine, took this further by focusing on being a better leader b...

November 11, 2018

About smooth agile transformations and the “why” leader

3 minute read

For my annual conference trip, I decided to skip the always-great QCon conference for once and instead attend Agile DevOps East in Orlando, Florida. In addition to the typical conference schedule, I also registered for some of the half-day and full day tutorials. One of them, How to lead high-per...

November 7, 2018