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Ownership at the right level

2 minute read

Ownership is not an all-or-nothing concept, so Netflix acknowledges up to five levels that each give a leader and its people a tool to clarify the expected/accept level of autonomy

November 15, 2019

An interesting perspective on what drives people

2 minute read

About passion, grace and fire as ingredients in a recipe for fully formed mature adults and high-performance teams as presented by Josh Evans at QCon San Francisco

November 13, 2019

Should architecture be constrained by reality?

4 minute read

Should architects make decisions with the constraints of available capacity in mind? Or should they strive to ignore the reality and pursue only the best solutions?

April 28, 2019

9 tips to get your distributed teams to collaborate effectively

9 minute read

I’ve seen a lot of prior attempts to out-source work to remote teams fail, have always wondered what was the main reason for this. Is it a culture thing? Is it the time difference. In this post, I describe the things we do ourselves that have made our remote team endeavors pretty successful for t...

March 4, 2019