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As Principal Consultant, I help our clients to get the most out of the combination of .NET/C# and modern front-end technologies like React and TypeScript. I often do that by acting as senior team lead and/or combine that with the role of software architect where I join the development teams and help them implement the right solution aligned with the business demands. While doing that, I ensure that they properly and pragmatically apply modern engineering principles so we end-up with a maintainable and testable code-base.

My toolbelt includes principles like Unit Testing, Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Design, SOLID, Clean Code and Design Patterns (data, domain, service, UI), as well as architecture styles such as CQRS, Event Sourcing, Micro/Macro-Services and Onion/Hexagon. It also includes technology such as C#, .NET (Core), TypeScript, JavaScript, React (and a bit of Angular), Nuke, Terraform, Pulumi, AWS, Azure, Bicep, ESLint, PowerShell, Node, NPM, and NuGet. I regularly work with SonarQube, Confluence, Github (Actions), Azure DevOps (PipeLines), TeamCity and Artifactory. To organize my work, I often use Scrum, Kanban or a combination of those.

Next to that, I run on-demand (mini-)audits on (agile) architecture, development methods and anything that should make our client’s development teams more efficient, mature and professional. And within Aviva, I drive the Custom Development community and mentor new joiners.

I also maintain several open-source projects, amongst which the popular assertion framework Fluent Assertions, and I share my experiences as an internal speaker and blogger. Because of my contribution to the community, in 2023, Microsoft awarded me with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the Developer Technologies area.