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Design Patterns & Testability at dotNED and SDN

less than 1 minute read

March will be busy month for me. On Thursday the 26th of March, we will be hosting the monthly Dutch dotNED community at the Holiday Inn hotel in Leiden. I'll be talking about testability and design patterns by showing how Test Driven Development and Design Patterns can help you create highly mai...

March 15, 2009

New coding guidelines for C# 3.0

1 minute read

Update June 29th, 2010This document has just gone through a major update for both C# 3.0 and C# 4.0. Read more about it here and get the document from have been a long-time supporter of coding standards because I believe in its value as a way of improving ...

March 6, 2009

Hoorah, we have a daughter

less than 1 minute read

Last Sunday, the 22nd of February, my wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl listening to the name Teddie. She was born at 14:24 in the Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis in Delft and her weight was 3940 grams. She is very healthy, but when her mother’s water broke, we discovered that she dirtied her ...

February 24, 2009

The circle of most influencing community members

3 minute read

Somebody recently asked me to name the top 5 of most influencing members from the software developer community. Since I spend a lot of my time reading books, articles and blog posts, that list is actually quite long. So I decided to name the six professionals who have been inspiring me the most i...

January 26, 2009

Black screen after upgrading to Windows 7 beta 1

less than 1 minute read

Today I've upgraded my 64-bit Windows Vista desktop to Windows 7 Beta 1. However, after a seemingly succesful in-place upgrade, I ended up in a black screen listing the Windows 7 build number (7000) in the lower right corner. Apart from a fully functional default mouse pointer, nothing happened, ...

January 17, 2009

Happy New Year Best Wishes 2009

1 minute read

I was planning to post earlier, but unfortunately my first week after the holiday was filled withunexpected challenges…<p align="center"></p>A new year always means that a lot of new things will happen, but I think 2009 is going to be one of those years that brings a lot of promising ...

January 9, 2009

Visual Studio 2010 is huge!

8 minute read

During this week’s PDC 2008, I’ve been spending particular attention to sessions related to the new features of Visual Studio 2010 Team System and Team Foundation Server 2010. The one statement almost every session started with was that this release is huge, and I totally agree! I’ve not seen so ...

November 2, 2008

What is “Oslo”?

4 minute read

On the second official day of the PDC 2008, me and many colleagues from the Dutch .NET community attended the introduction session titled “A lap around Oslo”. Up to this session, Oslo was something nobody really knew about other than that is was somewhat related to the next evolution of SOA and D...

October 31, 2008

Windows 7 at the PDC

less than 1 minute read

This morning, at the second keynote of this PDC, some of those Microsoft guys demoed Windows 7 and it is awesome. I´m not going to repeat the nice features because the Windows 7 team has already blogged about it with some nice screenshots. Check it out at here.

October 28, 2008

Windows Azure announced

2 minute read

On Monday morning, at the PDC 2008 keynote, Microsoft announced Windows Azure, a new platform for hosting and enabling something what they call ‘services in the cloud’. It was, as seems to be traditional for keynotes, an awful presentation, but the idea is quite interesting. In essence (from what...

October 27, 2008