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Noticeable quotes from QCon New York

1 minute read

Just to be clear, I didn’t actually attend QCon New York this year. But after the experience of attending QCon San Francisco in 2010, I never forget the many great quotes you’ll find on Twitter. This time was no different. "Distributed objects failed; for very good reasons. Values rule on the w...

July 26, 2012

Required Reading Material for July 2012

less than 1 minute read

Since I was already collecting the better articles that I read during the month for sharing with my colleagues and client’s coworkers, I might just as well share them here. Have fun reading them. Virtual Panel: Code-to-Test Ratios, TDD and BDD A great discussion by the authorities on TDD, B...

July 20, 2012

If you write an article about TDD, make sure it is correct

6 minute read

I spend a majority of my private time reading articles and blog posts, having discussions on Twitter, or engaging in conversations on conferences and community events. I'm realistic enough to understand that my opinions are not necessarily the truth, so I use those opportunities to challenge my o...

July 19, 2012

Fluent Assertions gets a bug fix release

less than 1 minute read

While we are working on the next major version of Fluent Assertions, we received several smaller bug reports that we bundled in release 1.7.1. Fixed a bug that occurs when two collections are compared for equality but the collection contains null. Fixed a stack overflow while formatting an obje...

March 23, 2012

About the future of the Silverlight Cookbook

less than 1 minute read

Since my first blog post on the Silverlight Cookbook in September 2010, I’ve invested a lot of private time in sharing my best practices on building line-of-business application in Silverlight. I shared my code on CodePlex, wrote an entire series of blog posts, and talked about the Cookbook at se...

March 13, 2012