Noticeable quotes from QCon San Francisco 2013

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As with any conference, speakers and attendees tend to make a lot of interesting, inspiring or funny statements. QCon 2013 was no different. Some key takeaways:

  • “Can't tune until you have real users.”  (Stephen Rylander)
  • "If someone comes in suggesting that we move a release date… we mock them." at the Facebook release process talk (Rich Schoenrock)
  • "We've really worked hard to get rid of the 'hero' inside Twitter." @raffi on twitter's eng team organization (Pete Soderling)
  • “Gain productivity and performance by tuning the use of your stack, not by changing your stack” (Paul McCallick)
  • “Your product should be cutting edge not the technology” in the GitHub talk (Prateek Jain )
  • ”Anyone that wants to write multithreaded code should not be allowed to.” so true. (Christopher Frenning)
  • “No code should be considered completed until someone else is capable of maintaining it.” (Mauro Botelho)
  • "Roll your own solution to your hardest problems, not your easiest ones." (_wee_ )
  • “Rewrites will always fail (that doesn't stop people from trying, though)” (Ronald Harmsen ‏)

These made me smile:

  • "Stability is sexy" (Justin Swartsel)
  • “Following #qconsf makes me feel like I'm on the wrong side of the globe right now. Have fun over there!” (Ralph Winzinger)
  • "The purpose of a change management process is to make sure nothing ever changes" by @tpbrown and @jezhumble (Dave Kichler)
  • “I don't buy iPads. I just go to conferences and win them. Thanks” (Matt O'Keefe)
  • "Once you understand monads, you immediately become incapable of explaining them to anyone else" by Gilad Bracha (Navis )
  • "Software development in teams is all about feelings" by @stevepeha
  • "My 2 year old son can understand this" says @headinthebox about a recursive function in Haskell (Jon Norton)
  • “Not sure whether I’m happy that #qconsf is over or want 3 more days :)” (Vladimir Syerik)
  • “You don’t need to know Category Theory, but we mention it to show how cool we are.” Gilad Bracha (Rick Warren ‏)
  • "Almost every problem in life can be solved by a Broadway musical" by @stevepeha
  • “Just had to do the weirdest thing on a conference ever...looking your neighbor in the eyes for 60 seconds without speaking.” during the culture engine tutorial



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