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Design Patterns session on October 11th and 25th

1 minute read

Architecture, software factories, frameworks; terms you may have heard of quite often these days. It is expected that any serious software developer knows exactly what they mean. But many forget that all of these concepts are based on the foundations provided by well-known patterns. These pattern...

September 29, 2007

Technology session on P&P Software Factories on september 27th

less than 1 minute read

Maybe a bit late, but next Thursday, September 27th, I'll be presenting an open whiteboard session about the Patterns & Practices software factories I've been using in my current customer project. Check out the invitation at DotNED. The invitation is in Dutch, but the...

September 21, 2007

NHibernate vs Entity Framework

less than 1 minute read

Although Microsoft claims that the new Entity Framework is really not an OR/M product, if you look closely at the examples and the whitepapers, you'll agree with me that they are very similar. Nhibernate is an awesome product, and I've been using it for a long time now, but it currently...

September 5, 2007

Web Service Softwary Factory v3 drop 117 available

1 minute read

It has been more than six weeks since the last drop of the next generation service factory was released. Since this is way more than the usual two-week schedule, you may wonder what has been going on...well...a lot! After going through the pain of migrating our existing model...

August 15, 2007

.NET community news 2007 issue 1

1 minute read

On a daily basis, I try to keep track of what's going on at the .NET community by reading blog entries, articles and stuff I ran into myself. I decided to compile the most important facts into a regular post here. Microsoft released a whitepaper on the most important features of Visual Studio 20...

August 3, 2007

Barbara turned 29!

1 minute read

Last Tuesday, my girlfriend Barbara turned 29. Initially she didn't really want to celebrate this milestone, but at the end of last week she decided to invite some friends after all. Trying to get a just a few agendas aligned is extremely difficult. But somehow, this time everybody...

August 1, 2007