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Guidebook: Microsoft Patterns & Practices

less than 1 minute read

In the beginning of this year, Nucleus Research has been interviewing several architects from the .NET community with the intention of writing a whitepaper on the added value of Microsoft's patterns & practices. As an expert advisor to the Web Service Software Factory : Modeling Edition, I wa...

June 9, 2008

First impressions with NHibernate 2.0

2 minute read

Almost two months ago, Ayenda Rahien announced the release of the first alpha of a new generation of NHibernate. NHibernate's feature set has always been a subset of the corresponding Java equivalent, Hibernate 3.x. With the new Nhibernate 2.0 release, the team has aligned its feature set with th...

May 28, 2008

Wilkommen in die welt von Schiller

1 minute read English...Welcome to the world of Schiller. Say what? Well, as a starter, take an excellent German composer/producer whose origins lay in the trance scene, add some elements from well known artists like Jean-Michel Jarre and Genesis, and finally, complement with awesome male and female v...

May 22, 2008

Software it worth it?

4 minute read

Last week, I read an article published by Microsoft in cooperation with Siemens that discussed the business case of investing in software factories. In the conclusion, the writers claim that a well-designed software factory can improve your productivity by a factor of 10. However, they also state...

April 29, 2008