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Slides and demo code from the SDN Conference 2008

1 minute read

For the attendees who have visited my two sessions on building a service oriented architecture using architectural best practices, check out the introduction slides here and the slides with best practices over here. Also, build 2187 of the demo application can be downloaded from this location. I...

October 8, 2008

Soon, in a theater near you

1 minute read

Well, not a real theater though, but nevertheless, I'll be speaking at two events planned in the next two months. On Saturday the 6th of September, the Dutch .NET community will be organizing CodeCamp, an interactive event intended for developers by developers. I'll be hosting a Chalk 'n...

August 15, 2008

Guidebook: Microsoft Patterns & Practices

less than 1 minute read

In the beginning of this year, Nucleus Research has been interviewing several architects from the .NET community with the intention of writing a whitepaper on the added value of Microsoft's patterns & practices. As an expert advisor to the Web Service Software Factory : Modeling Edition, I wa...

June 9, 2008

First impressions with NHibernate 2.0

2 minute read

Almost two months ago, Ayenda Rahien announced the release of the first alpha of a new generation of NHibernate. NHibernate's feature set has always been a subset of the corresponding Java equivalent, Hibernate 3.x. With the new Nhibernate 2.0 release, the team has aligned its feature set with th...

May 28, 2008