Presentation slides for C# 3.0 and Rhino Mocks

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Last Friday, I took the honors of filling up one of the presentation slots at the first Software Development Network Event of 2008. As a enthusiastic user of Rhino Mocks, I used it to demonstrate the power of Rhino Mocks and C# 3.0 combined.

Even though my session started right after lunch concurrently to a LINQ-to-SQL session brought by Microsoft Regional Director Anko Duizer, the number of attendees was quite impressive.

DSC_2138_small DSC_2135_small

In addition to the specific Rhino Mocks examples, we had several very interesting discussions on unit testing in general and its invasive nature to the original source code. Unit testing is definitely something that many developers are struggling with.

For the people who were there, many thanks for attending my session. Please find the presentation over here, and the corresponding sources over here.


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