Design Patterns session on October 11th and 25th

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Architecture, software factories, frameworks; terms you may have heard of quite often these days. It is expected that any serious software developer knows exactly what they mean. But many forget that all of these concepts are based on the foundations provided by well-known patterns. These patterns, commonly referred to as Design Patterns, have been written down by gurus like Martin Fowler and Eric Gamma.

Most developers will be able to tell you what a Singleton is, and the Factory pattern shouldn't pose a real problem either. But what do we mean with Separation of Concerns or Dependency Injection? And what about patterns like Command, Bridge, Adapter or Chain of Command.

Want to know more? Then subscribe for the technology session on either the 11th or 25th of October hosted by Dennis Doomen. Using a lot of examples in C#, he will show the purpose of many common patterns, and explain how these are used in many modern frameworks and software factories.

Experience with C# 2.0 and thorough understanding of the object-oriented principles inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation.

Registration and location
To register, send a mail to Barbara Buitenhuis at [email protected]. The evening will start at 18:00 with pizza and end around 21:00. It will be held at our office in Leiden:
Haagse Schouwweg 8
2332 KG Leiden


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