Aviva Solutions at the TechED Developer Europe 2007

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Well, not entirely true, but this year, I have been working closely with the Service Factory team of Microsoft's Patterns & Practices lead by Don Smith.

At the beginning of this year, they've started development on a new generation of their famous Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition. Since their early drops were very promising, I decided to include it in a major web project. Over the last months, we have been in close contact with Don and his team and have been trying to use the new factory to its fullest potential.

Don was scheduled to provide a few talks at this year's TechED Developer and I suggested that it may be fun to share some of my experiences with the audience. Well, they had to fight to find some room in one of the P&P talks, but finally, the plan is that I'll get something like 15 minutes. When? On Wednesday in his Build Your Own Software Factory (ARC301) talk.
Oh, in addition to my own humble addition, two other Dutch speakers will be speaking this year: Dennis Vroegop (chairman of the Dutch DotNED user group) and not to forget, Olaf Conijn.


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