Arrived at Barcelona

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Yesterday, after a reasonably short flight, we arrived at a sunny Barcelona. Even though Transavia is not famous for their luxurious seats, Internet check-in allows choosing your own seats 24 hours up-front, so picking the ones near the emergency exists was easy. I arrived at Schiphol Airport at around 10:15 and we dumped our luggage at the Best Western Regina at around 15:00. It was funny to observe my traveling companion and colleague Arnold Jan engaging in long discussions with the taxi driver. Since I don't speak a word of Spanish, I tried to enjoy the landscape :-)

The remainder of our day consisted of exploring Barcelona, finding the good spots for diner or a nice cold beer, and enjoying a genuine American style muffin at one of the many local Starbucks. Since TechED registration starts on Sunday, we decided to try Barcelona's public transport to register ourselves. But looking at the many people walking around with the famous TechED goody bag, we were not the only one who thought about that.


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