Barbara turned 29!

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Last Tuesday, my girlfriend Barbara turned 29. Initially she didn't really want to celebrate this milestone, but at the end of last week she decided to invite some friends after all. Trying to get a just a few agendas aligned is extremely difficult. But somehow, this time everybody accepted the invitation. The result? Almost 20 people in our apartment!

We had barely enough soup for everyone, but we compensated that with a lot of snacks, cookies and other small appetizers. The only miscalculation we made was that we expected them to drink more wine and less soda. Obviously, you can't expect people to drink that much during a normal weekday. Oh well, we still had a great evening.

The most noticeable gift she got, she got from Raymond and Chantal. Alongside our front door we have two flower pots from which the original plants died within a few months after we bought our apartment. And while lacking green fingers, I have never bothered buying some new plants. Fortunately, after two years of having a dull entrance, they brought us two nice flowery plants including the necessary potting soil. In fact, Raymond even put everything in the jar for us. Great isn't it!?

You can find the remainder of the pictures (some taken with my Samsung U600) here.


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