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Evolving your agile architecture without losing any people

3 minute read

I’m a big fan of just-in-time architecture (a.k.a. agile architecture) because it prevents me from trying to predict the future which, frankly, I suck at. So, although I generally start out with a reference architecture, a lot of changes happen after that point, when the functional requirements g...

February 15, 2015

Continuous refactoring in its natural habitat

8 minute read

So over the last three weeks or so, after the kids went to bed, I’ve been working on some new features for Fluent Assertions . While doing so I went off track several times in an attempt to improve several API’s and internal designs that didn’t felt quite right. Since this thought process is repr...

February 1, 2015

Slack? An even better cross-team collaboration tool?

2 minute read

Two weeks ago, I talked about Flowdock, an online tool to aggregate multiple sources into a single environment where agile teams can work together. I also promised to look at an alternative service named Slack. When we introduced Flowdock, somewhere in November 2013, Slack was still in its very e...

January 26, 2015

You don’t know what you don’t know

3 minute read

More or less since the start of my assignment at my current client, four years ago, we have had some form of a cross-team stand-up at 10:00 every day (often named Scrum-of-Scrums). But now that we have around 10 teams, we started to notice some issues lately. People joined too late or didn't even...

January 18, 2015

The curious case of a deadlock in Autofac

2 minute read

It has been more than two years since we switched from Microsoft Unity to Autofac and we haven't regretted this a single day. Not only is the resolution performance much better than Unity, but it’s the feature set, in particular the relation types, that makes a world of difference. In terms of co...

January 14, 2015