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QCon: The Culture Engine; How to build High Performance Teams

7 minute read

Sometimes you run into a workshop that you didn't have any particular expectations for and then your mind is completely blown. That happened to me on the first day of tutorials here at QCon San Francisco. "By whom?" I hear you asking. Well, by Steve Peha and Amr Elssamadisy and heavily supported ...

November 22, 2013

Noticeable quotes from QCon San Francisco 2013

1 minute read

As with any conference, speakers and attendees tend to make a lot of interesting, inspiring or funny statements. QCon 2013 was no different. Some key takeaways: “Can't tune until you have real users.”  (Stephen Rylander) "If someone comes in suggesting that we move a release date… we mock t...

November 15, 2013

QCon Day 3: About JavaScript, Scaling GitHub and Twitter, and Cultural Diversity

7 minute read

Man, it really feels like we've been around for ages, but this is just the 3rd day of QCon San Francisco. After a quick breakfast at the local Starbucks we dropped in on another keynote, right after the daily introduction by all track owners. The keynote was done by Brendan Eich, the inventor of ...

November 15, 2013

QCon Day 2: Persons, Groups and Teams

6 minute read

Although I did get the feeling that QCon isn't at the same quality level as the last time I was here, I did manage to pick up a considerable amount of new ideas and insights on the first day. Not anything mind blowing, but still worth the trip. So let's see what the 2nd day did bring us. The day...

November 13, 2013

QCon Day 1: Musicians, Google, Open Space & Netflix

5 minute read

So after all that fun during the first weekend (and about which I’ll blog separately), now it's the time to finally shift our attention to the reason for which we're in San Francisco in the first place; InfoQ's highly rated internal software conference QCon. Since my previous visit to QCon was su...

November 12, 2013