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12 tips to write unit tests that don’t cripple your codebase

4 minute read

Over the last months, I’ve been involved in more and more code reviews, mostly because we’ve increased the level of quality required for code changes to our code base. While doing that, I started to track my most frequently used review comments intended to improve.

November 11, 2015

9 simple practices for writing better object-oriented code

10 minute read

Consider a fantasy game that must track a collection of items, each having a certain amount of quality (or value) that increases or decreases after time passes. This collection contains the following six items:

October 25, 2015

The real challenges of building the right thing right

2 minute read

Suppose you're in the following situation.You and your team are supposed to start working on some important architectural changes that were long due.Your team is then asked by your manager to help build an important feature that requires the unique skills of your team, and ...

October 9, 2015

My thoughts on documenting your code

2 minute read

A recurring topic in every project I’ve been involved with is when and where you should use XML comments and/or annotate classes and members with proper documentation. I’ve always been very specific about this, but in real live I meet a lot of developers who don’t seem to care about this, or wors...

October 1, 2015

What it takes to turn a group of people into great colleagues

3 minute read

At Aviva Solutions, we have a unique tradition to celebrate our annual anniversary in some foreign city or at a warm beach in the south of Europe. During such a weekend, you're free to enjoy the local culture, go shopping in the local area or just relax at a terrace or the beach. Next to being a ...

September 12, 2015