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To DRY or not to DRY, it is a matter of boundaries

4 minute read

For a very VERY long time I've been convinced that aggressively refactoring your code in such a way that every piece of logic is repeated only once is a good thing. This practice, often referred to as DRY, or Don't Repeat Yourself, has been one of the many of my tools of choice and goes hand in h...

April 13, 2016

Why software innovation is not a free pass for doing whatever you want

3 minute read

Somebody on Twitter recently posed the question whether innovation in software and agile development can co-exist or not. To remove any misinterpretation - something quite common for Twitter discussion - I asked him to clarify what he meant with the word 'innovation'. In short, any kind of softwa...

April 3, 2016

The responsibilities of an open-source developer

4 minute read

The proudest moment anybody initiating an open-source project can experience is when that project finally gains the momentum to make a difference within the community it targets. When my colleague Martin and I published the first release of Fluent Assertions on CodePlex in 2011 (yeah, those were ...

March 24, 2016

Profiling legacy code using characterization tests

3 minute read

As you might have read, I've been refactoring some example code for a multi-threaded cache that I got from CodeProject into a source-only NuGet package which will soon be published as FluidCaching. Since this cache has been built to be very performant, the internal algorithms are not trivial to g...

March 10, 2016

A least recently used cache that you can use without worrying

5 minute read

At the beginning of this year, I reported on my endeavors to use RavenDB as a projection store for an event sourced system. One of the things I tried to speed up RavenDB's projection speed was to use the Least Recently Used cache developed by Brian Agnes a couple of years ago. This cache gave us ...

February 11, 2016

How Git can help you prevent building a monolith

5 minute read

During last weeks' Git Like a Pro talk I tried to convey the message that switching to Git is much more than introducing a new source control system. It will affect not just the way you commit source code, branch or merge, it changes the entire development workflow. In fact, I'm willing to claim ...

February 4, 2016