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ALM Practices Part 6: Code Analysis & Guidelines

3 minute read

What is it? Coding guidelines, or coding standards if you will, are documents consisting of rules and recommendations on the use of C# in enterprise systems. They deal with code layout, naming guidelines, the proper use of the .NET Framework, tips on writing useful comments and XML documentat...

April 20, 2010

Interaction Design according to Alan Cooper

2 minute read

I've recently finished the book The Inmates Are Running The Asylum by Alan Cooper, a well known proponent for interaction design. To be honest, I never really saw the purpose of interaction design in our projects. But after reading this book, I now know I didn't really understand what it was abou...

April 16, 2010

Fluent Assertions 1.2 has been released

4 minute read

It has been only 6 weeks since I first released Fluent Assertions to the public, followed by version 1.1 a week later. In the weeks thereafter, I received some nice ideas from the community which caused me to start working on the next version. But it was not easy. I found that designing a small f...

April 12, 2010

Is Entity Framework 4.0 ready for the real work?

1 minute read

This morning, on the Developer Days 2010, I did a talk on the current state of affairs of the 4.0 version of the Entity Framework, including a rough comparison with NHibernate 2.1. Apparently this is something that’s on the mind of many people. The room was supposed to accommodate a maximum of 80...

March 30, 2010

My two days of fame at the Developer Days 2010

less than 1 minute read

Some of you who have been visiting the Dutch Developer Days 2010 in The Hague today may have noticed the flyers and banners for promoting the new online version of the .NET Magazine. Those who already know me may have noticed that it’s me on those banners.    Since the photographer spe...

March 30, 2010