Things to do to fill up my free time

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Now that my CQRS/Event Sourcing talk for DotNED is done, the pressure on the free hours between work and family has been reduced significantly. That doesn’t mean I’m going to sit back and relax. Oh no, I’m full of ideas. so let’s see some of my plans.

  • I’m still going to continue developing The CQRS Kitchen to find and solve all special cases you may run into when building an enterprise system using CQRS and Event Sourcing. I also want to align a bit more with the Ncqrs Framework, but I have to figure out a way to do branching and merging
    from/to the their project.
  • I’ve just started with the update of my C# 3.0 Coding Guidelines to include C# 4.0 specific guidelines, as well as some ideas from Robert C. Martin’s Clean Code book. I’ve moved all current versions to the new CodePlex site here.
  • I’ve also started creating my first FxCop / Static Code Analysis rules that should validate a large portion of the C# Coding Guidelines. The work-in-progress can be followed here.
  • Obviously, I’ll continue improving Fluent Assertions with improvements and suggestions. Currently it is stable, and I’m not aware of any major issues.
  • I still have to translate my article about User Stories and Storyotypes from Dutch to English.
  • Because of the enormous amount of effort needed for the CQRS talk, my series of posts on Application Lifecycle Management have stalled. I will continue soon though.
  • I’d like to write an article on how to write focused, maintainable unit tests dealing with TDD and BDD-style testing, state-based versus interaction-based testing, patterns such as Test Data Builder, and obviously, Fluent Assertions.
  • And of course I’ll continue submitting proposals for DotNED, SDN, SDC and other events.

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