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My Silverlight 4 Reference Architecture: Commanding

2 minute read

<p $1=”$1”></p> <p $1=”$1”>After sharing my thoughts on unit testing in Silverlight and the combination of NHibernate and WCF Data Services, it is time to discuss the updated version of the Silverlight reference architecture from one of my posts of last year. To put the discu...

October 8, 2010

Getting more out of unit testing in Silverlight

3 minute read

As I already mentioned in my previous post, we're building a line-of-business app using Silverlight 4 and WCF Data Services. I really think Silverlight is great for those kind of systems, but since it is based on a different run-time as the full .NET framework, you may wonder what you'll run into...

September 24, 2010

Silverlight Cookbook: WCF Data Services and NHibernate

4 minute read

<p $1=”$1”></p> <p $1=”$1”></p> <p $1=”$1”></p> <p $1=”$1”></p> <p $1=”$1”></p> <p>This post is part of a series of blog posts detailing various aspects of the Silverlight Cookbook, an initiative to demonstrate prope...

September 20, 2010

Commercial support for the C# 3.0/4.0 Coding Guidelines

1 minute read

A few weeks ago I had a chat with Paul Jansen, CEO of a small Eindhoven-based company named Tiobe. You might indirectly know Tiobe for its programming language index and their commercial code checker ClockSharp. But they have also been hosting a C# Coding Standard I co-wrote for Philips Medical S...

September 13, 2010

The AI of ReSharper

less than 1 minute read

I was just typing this… …when ReSharper 5 suggested its “Loop can be converted into LINQ-expression”: <p>You gotta love this!</p>

September 2, 2010