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Well, QCon 2010 is over, so it is time to travel back to the Netherlands and finally see my wife and daughter again. However, after the previous post, the quotes have been coming in on Twitter space. So, to complete one of the most intense conferences ever, here are some more funny, inspiring and brain hurting quotes.

About architecture, technology and tools

  • "All problems can be solved by another level of indirection, except for the problem of too many layers of indirection"
  • "Nothing scales like a stateless service"
  • "Erik (Meijer) just mathematically proved thatNoSQL is really coSQL"
  • "Given enough time and perseverity, you can create any query model on top of any storage model" (Michael Nygard)
  • "How do you tell the difference between a startup and an enterprise? In a startup, everybody knows the administrator password"
  • "If you do it more than twice, script it." (Randy Shoup about automation being key in the cloud)
  • "Technology without purpose is squat" (Rod Barlow)
  • "XML is like violence. If it's not working, use it more." (Martin Fowler)
  • "Continuous integration and feature branching are incompatible. Powerful merging tools don't handle semantics. " (Martin Fowler)

About software development

  • "Hope is not a strategy. Don't build a system based on it."
  • "Understanding the domain is a whole team activity" (Dan North)
  • "Share your fear about a thing with friends that do the same thing helps you all to act together..."
  • "Meetings == beatings" (Michael Feathers after misunderstanding a question)
  • "Test too hard and you are fixing problems that will never occur. Test too light and bad things happen."
  • "Oh?….oh!....crap!" (Dan North, about deliberate discovery)

About the conference, the speakers and other attendees

  • "Where did Erik Meijer get that shirt?"
  • "Dutch are cheap" (Erik Meijer)
  • "I think of myself as an intellectual dumpster diver" (Martin Fowler)
  • "Ok, we get it. Your company is very interesting, now get to the nerd stuff."
  • "Seems wrong for the concurrency track not to be delivered in parallel"
  • "Once again, QCon is showing me how little I truly know!"

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