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Choosing the right web technology for business applications

5 minute read

Before I continue with the rest of this post, I first need to make a disclaimer. I'm in no way an expert on all things Microsoft has to offer in the web realm and have yet to complete a full-fledged ASP.NET MVC & JQuery project. However, I see myself as someone who quickly grasps the potenti...

May 15, 2011

Where to find me during the Developer Days 2011

6 minute read

Somebody recently asked me what sessions I was planning to attend at the upcoming 2011 edition of the Microsoft Developer Days in The Hague. To be honest, my primary reason for going to a Dutch conference is to chat with fellow .NET enthusiasts, and attending sessions is usually a side-effect of ...

April 8, 2011

Speaking engagements for the next months

less than 1 minute read

I’m very happy that I’ll be speaking at a number of very nice local and international conferences. On Saturday March 26th, I’ll be joining the Dutch Code Camp event where I’ll be doing a chalk’n’talk on my Silverlight Cookbook initiative. <ul> <li>On Wednesday, April 27th, I will t...

March 17, 2011

Introducing the Silverlight Cookbook

4 minute read

In the 2nd half of 2010 I was so fortunate to get the chance to build my first enterprise-class line-of-business application written in Silverlight 4. And although I designed my original reference architecture earlier that year, actually building it is a completely different thing. I learned a lo...

March 7, 2011

Another release for Fluent Assertions

2 minute read

It’s only February, but I’ve received so many requests from the community that another release of Fluent Assertions was easily warranted. New Features Somebody working under the name of CtrlAltDel pointed me at the little-known fact that floating point variables are inheritably inaccurate and...

February 27, 2011