About the future of the Silverlight Cookbook

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Since my first blog post on the Silverlight Cookbook in September 2010, I’ve invested a lot of private time in sharing my best practices on building line-of-business application in Silverlight. I shared my code on CodePlex, wrote an entire series of blog posts, and talked about the Cookbook at several events.

Times change, and although I’ve always believed (and still do) that Silverlight is a great technology for building interactive line-of-business applications, the lack of a roadmap for Silverlight is making even my clients hesitate. And yes, I did explain them about Microsoft officially supporting Silverlight 5 until 2021.

To help me make a decision about the direction of the Cookbook, I’ve started a poll in the side-bar of my blog. The important question I ask is whether I should continue with Silverlight, move towards Windows 8 Apps (in XAML/C# of course), or finally make the jump to HTML5/JavaScript. The few votes I’ve received so far tend to lean towards the latter, but I’m not willing to make that jump until more people have voted.

So let know!

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