Yes, the Silverlight Cookbook is still alive

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Although it might not seem like that, I am still working on the Silverlight Cookbook. However, I’ve just moved to a new house, so I ran out of time recently. Fortunately, since my colleague Martin Opdam is actively working on Fluent Assertions, so I only have to divide my free time between the cookbook and my attempt to blog about the things I’ve learned in my latest Agile project.

As we speak, I’m trying to replace Unity with Autofac, but that has not been an easy task. Not because Autofac is difficult to work with, but because Unity has allowed me to sneak in some solutions that don’t really match the SOLID principles.

Regardless, to give you an idea of the things I’ve been planning, here’s my internal backlog.

  • Figure out how to pass exceptions in the Commmand/Query agent to the current VM
  • Keep client exceptions in IsolatedStorage and retry sending the error to the server
  • Refactor the CommandService into a HandlerRegistry and a CommandExecutor
  • Support functional keys in the AttributeMappedCommandHandler
  • Module loading
  • Authenticatie
  • Authorisation
  • Introduce a domain specific object for setting the recipe rating
  • TargetInvocationException unwrappen
  • Properly deal with transactions
  • Support automapping using overloaded aggregate root methods
  • Intercept database connection problems
  • Asynchronous validation of title uniqueness via INotifyDataError
  • Introduce NotifyDataErrorBase
  • Introduce a mechanism for client exception handling
  • Support warnings
  • Silverlight 5

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