Get me on stage on the Developer Days 2011

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Although the Dutch Microsoft Developer Days is mostly about foreign speakers, the organization has a recurring event called the wildcard sessions. This allowed me to speak at the biggest Dutch conference of the year for two years in a row. Unfortunately, the number of proposals has exploded this year, and many of my fellow community members have submitted a proposal as well.

Why do I write about this? Well, the voting system is a fit flawed in the sense that the one who manages to mobilize the most amount of colleagues, friends and acquaintances is the one getting that spot on stage. It doesn’t matter if your attending the conference or not, or wherever you’re from, you can vote. So…

…help me to get that spot by going to

…scroll down to the session called Building testable Silverlight / WPF Apps with Caliburn Micro

…and click this little button



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