A night of Silverlight, WPF, unit testing and Caliburn Micro

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Last Thursday, me and my employer Aviva Solutions hosted the December edition of the DotNED user group in Leiden. And yesterday a shared my Silverlight reference architecture on this year’s last SDN Event. I gave two talks that evening and one last night and wanted to share my slides and example code from here.

Best Practices for Writing First Class Unit Tests
Slides, Example Code

Building Testable Silverlight and WPF applications using Caliburn Micro
Slides, Example Code

A Silverlight 4 Reference Architecture for LOB Applications
Slides, Example Code

Notice that you need Visual Studio 2010, the Silverlight 4 Tools and probably the Silverlight 4 Toolkit (but I’m not entirely sure about the latter).

If you have any questions, let me know.

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