Fluent Assertions 1.2.3 released

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After a week of testing in some of our projects, it is time to remove the beta marker from release 1.2.3 of our fluent assertion framework, Fluent Assertions. It’s just a small release, as was the previous one, but it still adds some nice additions requested by the community. This is the official list of changes:

  • Added an As<T>() extension method to downcast an object in a fluent way.
  • Added a ShouldNotThrow() and ShouldNotThrow<TException>() extension method for asserting that a (particular) exception did not occur.
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException when comparing the properties of an object to the null-valued properties of another.
  • Fixed an IndexOutOfRangeException when comparing an empty collection with another for equality.
  • Fixed a bug where two equivalent collections that contained duplicate items were not seen as equivalent
  • Minor improvements to the verification messages.
  • Refactored the internal structure of the exception-related assertions, and removed an extra layer of inheritance. Should improve the extensibility.

As usual, you can download Fluent Assertions 1.2.3 from its resident CodePlex site.


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