Speaking at the Microsoft Developer Days 2010

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Thanks to all the voters who voted for my wildcard proposal on Entity Framework 4.0, I will be speaking at the Microsoft Developer Days 2010, again. Last year, the whole wildcard thingy was a bit fuzzy, but this year, the organization has gone through great lengths to seriously include us wildcard speakers in the entire planning process.

I’ll be speaking on March 30st, at 11:05. I’m not sure about the room number yet, but I do know it should be able to handle up to 80 attendees. Check out the most recent schedule here.

Now I still have to decide whether to move to Visual Studio 2010 RC before the conference. I probably have to to evaluate CTP 3 which is essential when looking at the Code Only features (oh, sorry, Code First), so might have to. Shame that we don’t have SIlverlight 4 yet in the RC build.

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