Between fun and work

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On Monday, we drove back from Las Vegas while doing a quick stop at another factory outlet mall and another stop at the local Frys electronics shop. Las Vegas was sunny but really cold (about 3 degrees Celsius) so we where happy to be back in LA and enjoy a nice 20 degrees. We left quite late in the morning so it was already 15:30 at the time we entered the LA zone again. We didn't have lunch yet, so we decided to continue to the Santa Monica area. But because of the traffic, at the time we parked the car near Santa Monica blvd, we decided that a light dinner was better. Santa Monica is a very nice area which I think could live in without any issues.

Because I was supposed to be at the PDC conference center at 19:00 for a meet-and-greet with the Birds-of-a-Feather organization, we didn't have a lot of time to linger over there. In fact, because of the traffic jams I barely managed to be on time. No, not barely, but not at all!. Apparently, Outlook screwed up the time zone differences and put the meeting request at the wrong time. I had to be at the conference center at 18:00 instead of 19:00! When I entered the room at 18:50 the audience made some funny comments which I didn't get initially. Only when they wrapped up the meeting five minutes later, a proverbial light bulb popped up. Fortunately, the guys from the organization were willing to summarize the most important hints and tips, and I joined them on a walk to Palarmo's Party at The Mayan a few blocks from the conference center.

The party was fun, but not as crowded as last year which is probably caused by the fact that there so few Dutch attendees :-). We left at around 21:30 to go to the rooftop bar of The Standard, but that appeared to be a bit boring as well. So after grabbing a bite from the local Subway we finalized another fun day in California.


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