Arriving in LA, California

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Last Saturday, after a long 11-hour flight, I finally arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport. Fortunately, Lars Cornelissen, a German speaker which I met at the NRWConf 2009, was sitting next to me. So at least there was somebody to chat with and the flight was not utterly boring. Since I hooked up with Thomas Huijer and Ronald Harmssen from Oosterkamp Training, I took a ride with their convertible and was dropped off at The Standard, my residence for this week. The room is very nice; cheaper, but much more spacious than the Westin Boneventura I spend last year. It even has an IPod docking station.

Since they both arrived with half full suit cases (why didn't I think about that?), we drove to the Citidal Outlets to do some outlet shopping. Prices of brands like Tommy Hillfiger are incredibly low already, but with the current Euro-Dollar rate, it gets even better. Suffice to say, I was succesful :-) We completed the day with diner at Rudy's, a 1940-style burger restaurant. Since we were all suffering from the time difference, at around 20:00, we called it a day.


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