Design Patterns & Testability at dotNED and SDN

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March will be busy month for me. On Thursday the 26th of March, we will be hosting the monthly Dutch dotNED community at the Holiday Inn hotel in Leiden. I'll be talking about testability and design patterns by showing how Test Driven Development and Design Patterns can help you create highly maintainable software. I'll start with a short introduction on TDD and list quite a few principles that I've learned from some of the more noticeable members of the community. I'll then continue with coding an example application using various design pattern and in TDD-style. Check out the registration page here.

On Monday the 30th, I'll repeat the design patterns part of that session at the quarterly SDN Event in Driebergen. And if you're into testability, you'll be in for a joy because quite a few sessions will be covering that subject.


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