A new challenge…a new job…

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I have been working for Ordina for more than two years now, and looking at the many great and challenging projects I have participated in, I was planning to continue with that for a long time. Moreover, Ordina has been investing a lot of time and resources in the development of their new .NET 3.0 and DSL based software factory. Several projects have been completed with it, and even more are about to start. And the best thing of it, is that I have had a decent  part in its success. For instance, I got a chance to show off this factory at this year's TechED together with Tom Hollander, and I had many great things on the horizon. And last but not least, I have many fine and great collegues. So, you can safely conclude that I had no reason to change that...but I will...

Quite recently, I have been contacted by a little company called Aviva Solutions. They primarily focus on providing consultancy services on enterprise solutions and e-commerce. Also, many of their consultants and architects dedicate their efforts on assisting customers with strategic choices on the architecture, the process, the infrastructure and the tools they use for building new systems.

After many sleepless nights, I have decided to join Aviva Solutions in these efforts. Looking at the stuff I wrote above, you can imagine that this was a really difficult decision for me. Nevertheless, somehow, I really felt like this is something I must do.


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