TechEd Idols Contest Wave 1

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At 19:00 I went to see the first wave of the Idols Contest in the Exhibition Lounge. Wow, competition is huge this first year. The first speaker, a UK guy, give an extremely smooth presentation like he was an oiled machine. Noted, he took too much time, has a very annoying voice and he would fit in the cast of the next installment of Revenge Of The Nerds, but he sure is going to be very tough to beat. The second speaker was from the UK as well, but his presentation didn't provide too much content and he overused his slides. Moreover, he looked like he is going to die soon. The third guy was from Greece and centered his presentation around Pizzas. His approach was a bit different from the others by creating a big party out of his 5 minutes. His slides were very busy and filled with pizza-related images, but his English was awful with ehs and ehms every two words. He is not going to be much of a competition.

Well, I've lost my confidence in winning the final e a bit, but I'm still going through. Sure, getting free entrance next year is still nice, isn't it...


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