Five minutes of fame at the TechEd Europe 2006

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Next week, I'm going to attend the 2006 edition of Microsoft's TechED for Developers in Barcelona, a five-day conference with over 250 presentations and 3000+ visitors.

For the first time ever, Microsoft offered everyone visiting the TechEd a chance to submit a three-minute video showing his or hers presentation skills in the TechEd Idols Contest. As expected, I couldn't resist myself, borrowed a camera and recorded a short video. Well, I'm through!

Only 40 submissions were allowed of which the best 12 would get a chance to show-off at the TechED in three waves. The best three will get a free entrance to next year's TechED, but the winner will get his own track!. I'm not sure whether they were short on proper material, or there were simply not enough submissions, but 9 finalists will have to compete in three waves. I'm up on Thursday between 12:30 and 13:30. I'm excited already.


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