Superman is back!

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Yesterday, me and Paul Dutmer (a colleague of mine), went to see Superman Returns in Pathé Scheveningen. I was afraid this one was going to be another poor attempt to bring an action comic to live, but I was so wrong. The X-Men series were on the top of my list of great conversions, followed by Spiderman, but this has changed. Superman Returns definitely earns a 2nd place in my personal charts. It is incredible how good the cast and crew managed to recreate the atmosphere of the original Superman movies.

You may have heard the discussions on who was supposed to play the role of Superman, but they’ve made the right choice. Brandon Routh did an excellent job of portraying Superman. The way he moved and talked really gave credit to the late Christopher Reeve. Even fanatics that avoid Superman Returns because of commercial exploitation must admit the director sincerely tried to recreate the atmosphere of the original series. For instance, while you're watching it, note the perfectly blended in archive footage of Marlon Branda as Superman's father Jor-El.

The only compliant I can come up with is the casting of Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane. She looks far too young for a role like that. I hope that they find a different actress for a possible future installment.


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