Summer Holiday….is over.

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I’m back from a relaxing and sunny holiday in the south of France (Cote D’Azur). We spend the first week in a brand-new convenient mobile-home on camping Les Tournels just a few rocks away from the famous St-Tropez beach Pampelone. From there, we visited several beaches in the region and did one-day trips to Monaco, Antibes, and Nice. The next week we moved to a summer house about 20km from St. Raphael. Since it was more or less in the same region, we continued the same kind of trips from there.

I have actually lived in Paris for one year and was quite okay with the French, regardless of the prejudices most people have, but this has changed. These people drive like idiots! Just imagine yourself the tiny roads between and around the mountains. As I carefully stay within my driving lane and try to avoid accidents, these people drive around the corner as if they are the only one on the mountain. I’ve lost count of the many I’ve held my breath while some idiot almost hit my car.

Well, the last week continued back in the Netherlands filled up with home improvements, visiting the beach, watching DVDs, and sleeping… Back to work now…


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