C# 2.0 Coding Standard

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As Ordina is executing more and more .NET 2.0 (and even .NET 3.0) projects, we found it time for writing up a set of decent C# 2.0 coding guidelines. We essentially studied several existing documents, including the Microsoft Class Design guidelines and a C# 1.0 coding standard I co-wrote while working for a previous customer, and incorporated our own experiences. Since typical projects do not always consist of seniors, we tried to maintain only useful guidelines and ensured ourselves that we provided enough explanation on the 'why' of each guideline.
You can imagine that a endeavor like this has cost us a lot of time and energy, but we felt it useful for the .NET community to be able to benefit from it as well. Check out this link and judge yourself. Feel free to distribute it as much as you like and make sure you contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or remarks.

Updated November 28th, 2008: Updated the links to the document to the Aviva Solutions C# Coding Guidelines.

Updated March 9th, 2009: Check out our new C# 3.0 Coding Guidelines.


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