Two days at the DevDays 2006

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I've just completed two days of intensive knowledge consumption in which I attended several sessions about all of the major .NET news for 2006. Of course, I'm talking about the Microsoft Developer Days 2006 in the Amsterdam RAI. Just to give you an impression, the guy in the purple sweater is me. Ordina uses a platform for generating database-oriented applications from UML models, also known as the DaVinci Framework. In this intimite session, I was demonstrating how to build a 4-layered website in 30 minutes.

The snapshot below shows me with my good coworker Octavie van Haaften and one of this year's speakers, Alex Thissen who gave a Black Belt session on ASP.NET 2.0 (and obviously forgot to smile to the camera :-)) Four years ago, when Alex was still working for Twice, I attended a .NET course he was doing, and I didn't see him until this conference.


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