Sunday, February 28, 2010

DotNED event on software development practices was awesome

It’s Sunday morning and I’m looking back at an awesome DotNED event in Doorn. The location was very nice, the audience was a blast, and my two fellow speakers Jonne Kats and Peter Hesseling did a great job.  Thanks to everybody for being there!

DSCF1664 DSCF1663 DSCF1657 DSCF1660

Some of the statements made on Twitter for backing up my enthusiasm:

  • obelink: +1! and @ddoomen: well done!
  • roelsn: Druk dagje vandaag! Leuke #dotned meeting in Doorn thnx @ddoomen
  • LocalJoost: What I especially liked about #dotned was the concrete translation in code of pretty high level architecture concepts. Makes it alive for me
  • RolandGuijt: @ddoomen #dotned You’re welcome. You did a great job dealing with the feedback and the atmosphere was very relaxed. Thanks!
  • peSHIr: Agreed. I’d like to see (and discuss) at least half of the @ddoomen #dotned material if I could...
  • sorskoot: Had a great #dotned day today!
  • peSHIr: Same here. Was great day anyway, but I guess I really missed something today as well. #dotned
  • evappeld: Attended great #dotNed event today, @ddoomen thanx for sharing your thoughts about a good software architecture.
  • Felienne: Finally back home after an interesting #dotned day. Thanks @ddoomen and @thomashuijer for organizing and @pjvds for the great discussion.
  • rclemens: Net trg uit Doorn van een #dotNed meeting...Toch maar aan TDD en BDD beginnen..Ook de rest van de info van erg boeiend...
  • eNeRGy164: Thx @ddoomen for the great day with ATDD, TDD, DDD, BDD, PT, WCF, RIA, MVC, MVP, MVVM, .NET, R#, and some more abbrivation :) #dotned
  • nielsvanderrest: End of a great all-day #dotned event, plenty of material to discuss at work!
  • cultiv: Mooie #dotned dag hoor, er mag vaker de diepte in gegaan worden. Alle organisatoren bedankt!
  • zeilplan: @ddoomen bedankt! Was een nuttige invulling van het weekend! #dotned
  • mmjv: #DotNed dag bijna afgelopen, was leuk en interessant. Dank aan organisatie en presentatoren!
  • LocalJoost: Eindelijk geen Dennis onstage #dotned ;-)
  • mmjv: TDD: When_eating_too_much_paaseitjes_it_should_throw...._up #DotNed
  • beaker73: #DotNED De mensen druppelen weer binnen, na de lunchwandeling. Tweede deel kan elk moment beginnen. Tot nu toe zeeeeer informatief