Monday, May 29, 2006

Catching the Long Tail

At the end of March, we got a chance to visit Redmond and attend two days of presentations from several Microsoft architects. Amongst them was a presentation by Gianpaolo Carraro that dealt with the concept of Software as a Service, which, according to many, will have major impact on the software industry. I could try to explain what that concept is about, but obviously, Gianpaolo can do it much better himself. So check out the article Architecture Strategies for Catching the Long Tail.

Digging into WCF

I’ve just completed reading a great in-depth article on WCF written by Juval Lovy (founder of IDesign). Those who have worked with .NET Remoting a lot may find this article very useful since it deals with the WCF equivalence of .NET Remoting’s SingleCall and Singleton and more. I myself am going to attend a MasterClass WCF in June here in the Netherlands, so I’m sure I’ll get there well prepared.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I’m in Ordina’s annual report

As I’m a little vain, I couldn’t resist mentioning the fact that my picture is in Ordina’s annual report. Check out the report and browse to page 46….

A peek into Ordina’s kitchen

Ordina is well known for its DaVinci platform and now offers you a chance to peek into our kitchen to see how we develop professional enterprise applications. You’ll get a chance to understand our development process, how we employ UML for generation purposes, and you can join a presentation on Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) and Ordina’s new DaVinci.SF. software factory Check out the registration site (it's in Dutch).

Windows Communication Foundation at a glance

Check out this article published on It provides a tip of the iceberg on what you can do with WCF. For those who don’t have a clue of what I’m talking about, WCF is Microsoft’s attempt to unite all their communication protocols into one uniform communication stack. On turn, this stack is part of WinFX, the next-generation managed APIs by Microsoft.

Hands-on with NHiberate

You may have heard of NHiberate, the .NET variant of the famous Hibernate product, and you may understand the concept of an Object-Relational Mapper. But you may not have a clear picture of what it really can and does. Justin Gehtland published an article on that gives a quick introduction on how to configure NHibernate to map a domain model to a database model. The examples include one-to-many and many-to-many relations and inheritance.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Liskov Substitution Principle

As Ordina is working on new C# 2.0 coding guidelines, last week I had a discussion with a colleague on object-oriented design. One important principle is the Liskov Substitution Principle which in a C# context is often written as "methods that use references to base classes must be able to use objects of derived classes without knowing it." I had quite some troubles explaining what it is really about, so I dug up an old (10 years) article written for C++ that still applies to modern-day languages. In fact, it also touches the subject of Design by Contract, another interesting principle that few use these days.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Copying & Pasting

While reading this article, I ran into two must-have tools which should have been part of Visual Studio from the beginning. First of all, Smart Paster is a handy tool for pasting a chunk of text into a source file in various nicely formatted formats. Secondly, Copy Source As HTML allows you to copy a code snippet for use in your blog or website while maintaining the syntax coloring.